New parts:


26.08.2003 New Electricity 6 V / 100 W of mz-b (Berlin)

A problem nearly every JAWA Ride knows very well. Beautiful wheather, you are panning a ride and a short while later the battery strikes. You canīt restart the engine, and you have to push your jawa by feet...

With the mz-b system this problem should be solved: 100 W sound very good. Shortly I will write about the assembly and my first  experiences.




21.08.2003 Refurbished 350 ccm Motor

Because of a leck on my used motor I bought this new refurbished motor. Nearly every technical part inside is new.

Hopefully I can assemble the motor in the near future!



19.08.2003 New Exhaust system

Today my new oldtimer exhaust system arrived: